My Nexus 7 with USB Keyboard


So as I sit in my house all packed up for school, lonely and computer-less, I decide it’s a good time to get experimental! When I first bought my Nexus 7 tablet I decided to get a micro-USB port to USB port adapter so that I could use my Xbox 360 wireless controller to play some shooters and such on my tablet.

Today I decided it would be a fine time to test how my little tablet would handle  a full fledged USB keyboard. As it turns out it works quite well!!! In fact it works better than I would have expected. There is no delay whatsoever with the keyboard input and everything seems to work including the media controls and the num-pad and buttons like Page Up and Page Down! I can also alt-tab to  to cycle through recent apps and activate one. It feels very close to a laptop experience, so much so in fact that I keep reaching down for a touchpad that doesn’t exist.

The major downfall with this setup is that there seems to be no suitable replacement for a right click. This can be annoying for word processing because if you’re a less than perfect speller like myself you will miss the ability to right click for correction suggestions. Additionally since auto-corrections are built into whatever keyboard app you use, you don’t have those to save you.

I’ve been considering the viability of my 7″ Nexus 7 as a note taking tool for my classes this semester and after this brief trial run I would say that it wouldn’t be half bad! Perhaps my next step will be attempting to split the USB port into 2 and adding a mouse (I think Jellybean has mouse support). 


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